October 25, 2015

Optical illusion art

Some lessons you teach and vow never again, while others you come back to time and time again. For me, one of these lessons is this optical illusion artwork. Although the lesson can prove challenging with those in lower primary, don't be afraid to give it a go. This lovely piece was completed by a year 2 student. Amazing! 

Students start by selecting a vanishing point, in this example the centre of the page, and draw 6-8 straight-sided shapes. Following this, students draw lines (using a ruler!) from the corners of the shapes to the vanishing point, starting with the shapes in the front. As students progress to the top shapes, remind them to continue the line unless obstructed by another shape.  When colouring/outlining students always need reminding to use rulers to ensure they have perfectly straight lines. For some reason, students think that having a pencil line is enough to go by, but of course, it's not! I've found that having a solid colour within the shape and shading on the sides works best for the illusion.

Happy Teaching!

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