October 08, 2015

Just Dance!

As a relief teacher -or any kind of teacher- sometimes you just need five minutes to yourself, to organise the next lesson or just to zone out for a little! More often than not however, the kids need the 5 minute break. Whom ever is in need, I always have something on the IWB ready to go, usually 'Just Dance.'

Simply type in 'Just Dance' on YouTube and you will find tens of dancing videos that are not only set to current tunes but also feature easy to follow dance moves that the kids will happily watch and copy. If 'Just Dance' sounds familiar, it may be because these online videos are actually screen grabs of the popular video game of the same title. For this reason, many of your students will probably be familiar with dances.

Below are some of my favourites. Though there are many other songs out there some may not be suitable for the little ones so watch them first!

Justin Bieber - Power

Village People - YMCA

Happy Teaching!

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